For My Readers: 2011 Site Statistics

Happy New Year to all of you.

I started this site on March 20, 2011.

2500 people viewed the site.

My first post was, Who Is Your Leader? No One; We Are One.

I posted 64 articles, most of them are from my book, Namaste: If Not Now, When? I have revised and added to what I have presented here and I am looking for a publisher.

Here are the 5 most viewed articles:

(1) Three Crows Rising (Namaste Chapter 9, 8/28/2011);

(2) Good And Evil Do Not Exist, Part 2 (Namaste Chapter 15, 7/30/2011);

(3) The Death Penalty Is Unconstitutional And Insane (9/22/2011);

(4) Good And Evil Do Not Exist, Part 1 (Namaste Chapter 15, 7/20/2011);

(5) We Must Reduce The Human Birth Rate & Develop Microcredit and Micropower Networks (9/27/2011).

Article with the most comments: Consulting Death As Your Advisor (Namaste Chapter 8, 7/18/2011).

Viewer Locations:

North America

USA 97.9%
CAN 2.1%

South America

Brazil 80%
Venezuela 20%


UK 36.4%
I.E. 13.6%
Portugal 9.1%
Denmark 9.1%
Czech Republic 4.5%


South Africa 100%


Indonesia 22.7%
Hong Kong 13.6%
South Korea 13.6%
Philippines 9.1%
India 9.1%


AUS 62.5%
NZ 37.5%

If you are interested in law, and have not already done so, you should check out my law blog.

Many thanks and many blessings to all of you.

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