Seven Deadly Sins


by annalise.ellen creative commons @ flickr

seven deadly sins are:

1. Wrath,

2. Greed,

3. Lust,

4. Sloth,

5. Envy,

6. Gluttony, and

7. Pride.

I doubt that there is an adult alive today who has not been gripped at least once by each of these demons, but I will leave that subject for another time.

Today, I want to share my thoughts with you regarding our nation, its relationship with these demons, and what will become of it if we do not act.

Piercing the veil of propaganda, I see our federal government captured and controlled by the too-big-to-fail banks, multi-national corporations that privatize profits and socialize losses, a paranoid national intelligence network that invades everyone’s privacy, and the military industrial complex. Our nation is war and war is big business.

Like moths cocooned alive in a spider’s web powerless to resist a slow agonizing death as its insides are slowly sucked out, we the people have been reduced to mere tax revenue units expected to pay for endless war and cover all of the financial-sector losses from the TBTF banks gambling in the world casino. Meanwhile, the private sector regards us as nothing more than interchangeable minimum-wage labor units to be exploited to the fullest extent possible without enjoying any benefits.

Our nation is known by all people of the world for its all-consuming quest for world empire via never ending war to seize valuable diminishing natural resources. Greed, which is Number 2 on the list of deadly sins, is god. Neoliberal economics is its Bible and nobody talks about the Golden Rule.

I see a nation seized by wrath against people with brown skin and illegal immigrants.

I see a nation seized by lust for natural resources that belong to others.

I see a slothful nation unwilling to change and work on developing renewable forms of energy.

I see a nation seized by envy for world empire.

I see a nation seized by the gluttony of wanting it all.

I see a nation seized by the false pride of American exceptionalism.

As I look ahead at the future, I see the ship of state capsized at sea by the seven deadly sins.

I see no other possible outcome unless we heal ourselves, take back our government, and kick the corporations out of the Temple.

Although the path to redemption and illumination will be long and difficult, we know where to find it because others have led the way and marked it for us. Remember always that one must die to be reborn and the seven deadly sins can be conquered by the seven virtues.

1. Wrath is conquered by Peace;

2. Greed is conquered by Generosity;

3. Lust is conquered by Purity of Intent;

4. Sloth is conquered by Courage and Effort;

5. Envy is conquered by Compassion for oneself and others;

6. Gluttony is conquered by Temperance; and

7. Pride is conquered by Humility.

Never forget the Golden Rule.

What do you see?

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8 Comments on “Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. Norman Reuter Says:

    As always Mason. Bravo! You strike at the heart.

    Bravo! to Crane Station as well.

    • masonblue Says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      We’ve got a lot of work to do and a long hard road to travel.

      At least we’ve taken the first step.

      2012 is going to be a tough year, I fear. But damn it! We’ll get through it and we’ll win, sooner or later.

      Meanwhile, happy holidays and happy new year.

  2. laluna Says:

    is there any debate? i am going to eternal hell.
    ~for wrath
    ~ pride

    by a lifetime of giving…of selfless love, of generosity of heart and spirit, and of physical labor performed to assure the comfort and safety of others, i have planted and watered the seeds of life…all the while being aware of and grateful for this opportunity to be a caretaker; my choice, my destiny. and yet, it has ultimately yielded abundant resentment…and wrath. i am not alone; other mothers affirm this same feeling of emptiness and pain.
    2012 is a new year; i can’t wait for this one to end. i am grateful for my teachers…..the stranger whom i invited and welcomed into my life and home, but ultimately left unwelcome, and i locked the door behind her. she hardened my heart; there is no chance for “peace”, and my pride exempts forgiveness.
    for the stranger-somehow-related-by-marriage who doesn’t get mad, but gets even; my new reality is to become less vulnerable to his perceiving my kindnesses as weaknesses. again, i have hardened my heart; i’m going to hell.
    it is possible i am giving to the wrong community of souls. it is possible i am not walking with like-minded individuals.
    it is also possible i am greedy….i want more love in return than i am entitled to receive.
    perhaps some of us need to be stripped naked and flogged before we heal and learn our lessons….whatever those may be.
    perhaps, so does our nation.

    • masonblue Says:


      Absolutely perfect comment that nails the pain of the unrequited experience.

      Give and share yourself with others because it is your Leo nature to do so. Unfortunately, your Leo nature also wants to be appreciated and you aren’t getting back what you need.

      Only you can tell if you are giving selfishly, but I suspect you aren’t.

      Have you told your family what you need?

      It’s so easy to take a giving person for granted. Clueless people do it all the time and everyone does it some of the time.

      Most people can’t read minds. Now and then they need a reminder.

      Don’t know if any of this helps, but I definitely think you are a special gifted person.

      You are an outstanding writer.

      I recommend you start a blog and share your feelings with others. You definitely are not alone.

      And, no. You are not going to hell.

      • laluna Says:

        thank you so very much for caring thoughts and helpful direction; you and Crane-Station, by revealing yourselves, help put my complaints in perspective, as well.

        i typically don’t ask directly for help from my loved ones, and when i have, i have been ignored. when i lash out in pain, i’m the bad guy for complaining.

        this Leo is on fire with seething wrath (and overflowing love for others). i am still inclined to do what i do best, which is to reach out to others in love, caring and friendship….but more selectively.

        i nearly didn’t post my comment, believing it might be too personal…and perhaps off-topic. i do believe, however, that the individual mirrors the community, the state, and, collectively, the nation; each is bigger than the self.

        i am not unique in that we all suffer differently, but similarly, and believe we are “all in this together”.

        i am inclined to blog….and appreciate your encouragement.

  3. ed nelson Says:

    Thankyou for this wisdom, it is especially appreciated, at this time, and perfect reflection at this “constellation” of adversity, to be transited/ got through, escaped, disentangled. Shortest day of the year today.

    • masonblue Says:

      We’ve definitely got a long hard road to travel.

      I always think of the day after the winter solstice as the true beginning to the New Year. Happy New Year and happy holidays.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. ed nelson Says:

    well that was back a month or so,, and my mom went away then.
    Now so I guess maybe I get to go away soon, You know we all get to go… more sooner than later… [get real… gethro, that’s life.. in any lane/fast/or/slow, so get used to it Jethrow…

    Thanks to you Dr. Leatherman, and your second of import, Crane
    Station, now to tell you the truth, some of these dweebes out here in the hinterlands, hate to tell ya… but maybe some of em… they might not sometimes… be all that sober..


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