Forever Can Wait


Polandeze under creative commons on flickr

Forever Can Wait

“Don’t hurt me,” I beg

I cannot feel my legs

and my back is broken;

broken by the faceless Sheriff’s gun.

Zip ties cuff me

a gag chokes my pleas,

muffs silence my ears,

mask and hood blind me.

I scream inside my prison


but no one hears me

as he drops me hogtied

at forever’s doorstep.

He isn’t done with me;

Forever can wait.

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One Comment on “Forever Can Wait”

  1. ed nelson Says:

    “Position torture”, may be more “sophisticated” than that ole Spanish Inq. stuff.

    Creepy. Disgusting to the max, what gives with… what ever ostensive public acceptance of it? to the extent it is deemed not to be a huge big deal as a new official policy doctrine, … ?

    What is p/acceptance of it/and/or other blase-attititudes visevise…. what was culturally strongly felt to be… devils works?

    ans: (just a hunch now… , ) Life verses Antilife, some kind of “‘adversary’ arrangement”, (like a kind of two party deal… ,)

    Disgusting…! Creepy… ! So very unAmerican!!

    On the other hand all is possible because of… the… ebb and flow, “yin and yang”, so nothing new UTS…

    The creepy bastards are at the controls, body snachters got the critical mass.

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