Vast Amounts of Time

Stunned by thunder out of the sun

A woman wearing a hooded black shawl

Kneels and wails

Weeping bloody dew.

She clutches a slippery chunk of bone and flesh

All that is left.

Her child or her husband?

Both were laughing a moment ago.

Waiting at the gate.

He was reaching toward his father to pick him up.

Now they ride the shoulders of shadows,

Somewhere . . .

Their bodies silenced, seared and shredded by drones.

There will be no hungry bellies to feed tonight

Only pain

And time

Vast amounts of time

To paint her dreams with tears.

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One Comment on “Vast Amounts of Time”

  1. ed nelson Says:

    that is very beautifull I doubt we can find any young girls here in this place that can do that. But we have the talent, if it will be allowed to flourish.

    But shoudn’t we be in awe of such beautifull talent, that exists over there, over there, where we only are supposed to think of as commies… is anybody starting to see, how we been bull shitted?

    Them Ruskies are about 10X more cultural than our dweebs.

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