Namaste: If Not Now, When? Chapter 15 Good And Evil Do Not Exist

Author’s Note: Each chapter of this book can be read as a stand-alone and it is not necessary that they be read in numerical order. All of the previous chapters are posted here or in my diaries at Firedoglake.

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Chapter 15

Good And Evil Do Not Exist

The spider that paralyzes its victim and devours it alive is neither good nor evil. A spider is a spider.

Like the spider, a human is neither good nor evil. A human is a human.

The polarity of good and evil is a construct of the human mind that demonizes people who are not rich, powerful, and privileged.

The true polarity is selfishness and unselfishness; a human acts selfishly or unselfishly.

When people of wealth, power, and privilege act selfishly seeking to further enrich themselves by using a corporation to shield themselves from liability as they steal and exploit natural resources in foreign lands, including other human beings, few people call them evil and they are rarely, if ever, prosecuted for a crime. Instead, they are called good businesspersons and the same is true when they seek to enrich themselves by stealing money from we the people in the United States.

This type of misconduct is not only an acceptable business plan; it is the preferred business plan. Indeed, predation and looting via corporation in the name of free-market economics to maximize short-term profits is sucking the life out of more than 90% of us by eliminating our jobs, the equity in our homes, and our retirement investments. However, not even that staggering amount of theft slakes their craving for money. Now they want our social security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

They are parasites killing us and they do not even know who we are.

Woe unto the person who is financially struggling, poor, mentally ill, or otherwise marginalized, for when he seeks public assistance in the form of social security disability payments or unemployment benefits after his job is eliminated, he is accused of laziness and sucking off the public teat. If he then steals from another to survive and feed his family, or smokes a joint to kick back and relax, he is deemed to be a dangerous criminal and evil man who is prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated to the full extent of the law.

I have represented rapists, murderers, gang-bangers, and serial killers who have inflicted terrible pain and suffering on many victims. I do not demonize or call any of them evil because all of them have also acted unselfishly to benefit others from time to time.
I have spent time with them and gotten to know them. I have spoken to their families and friends. I have seen the frailty and emotional pain that hides behind swagger and bravado.

A newborn baby is not born evil.

I find it much easier to forgive my clients for what they have done than to forgive the rich, powerful, and privileged for the horrific, systematic, and massive death, pain, and suffering they have caused millions, if not billions of people in the name of free-market economics to maximize short-term profits.

I understand why people in foreign lands with valuable natural resources hate us. I cringe when our president claims to have the power to assassinate anyone anywhere in the world with drones and assassination teams,, if he believes they are terrorists or providing support for terrorists. In his mind, all terrorists are evil. He does not realize that he faces the biggest terrorist in the world every time he looks in a mirror.

Namaste is a greeting in which the divine in me acknowledges the divine in you.

We should resolve to begin and end each day in prayer and meditation to honor the divine spark within us. It is our soul.

Follow the path with heart and you will never lose your soul.

Pray for the rich, the powerful, and the privileged for they sacrificed their souls long ago for 30 pieces of silver and have become hate-filled zombies seeking to devour our souls.

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My real name is Frederick Leatherman. I was a criminal-defense lawyer for 30 years specializing in death-penalty defense and forensics. I also was a law professor for three years.

Now I am a writer and I haul scrap for a living in this insane land.




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One Comment on “Namaste: If Not Now, When? Chapter 15 Good And Evil Do Not Exist”

  1. laluna Says:

    most importantly, “A newborn baby is not born evil.”

    corporate greed is indefensible; gaming the social safety system is equally abhorrent.
    once said….clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…

    i trust, i believe that your social conscience, your actions to find justice, and our collective generosity of spirit will permeate and prevail today and in the days ahead.

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